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50/60 - Loaded Electric Line Locator

50/60 - Loaded Electric Line Locator
$ 35 $ 105 $ 300

When you need accurate detection you can trust Environmental Equipment & Supply to deliver the most reliable products. Environmental Equipment & Supply has experience in the business and is a leader in premium equipment and supply rentals.

The 50/60 Locator is used only for locating "hot" buried electrical cables, detecting the 50/60 hertz in the line. Renting the 50/60 Loaded Electric Line Locator from Environmental Equipment & Supply ensures a fully-serviced product that is ready to use and operate well. Environmental Equipment & Supply is an industry leader in rental service by providing fully serviced rentals and a large selection of environmental rental equipment. Do not second guess the quality of your rental equipment with other companies ever again!

The 50/60 Locator works by detecting the Hertz signal from all active electrical lines. And using the 50/60 Locator is easy. The instrument only has two simple adjustments. Operators have the option to change the high-low frequency adjustment and a gain adjustment for sensitivity.

Renting a 50/60 Locator may be a perfect solution to your surveyor and pipe locator needs. Renters of the 50/60 Locator are able to avoid the upfront costs associated with buying new products and the risks of buying used equipment. If you only need the equipment for a limited amount of time or want to be assured of quality and service, renting this equipment may be a great cost effective option.

Daily, weekly and monthly rental rates make estimating costs and staying on budget possible. Keep costs down with our flat rates! Trim your budget and free up project costs with our affordable options. Rent the 50/60 - Loaded Electric Line Locator from Environmental Equipment and Supply today!

We also offer a rent-to-own program that lets you purchase your rental unit outright and up to 50% of your rental fees can be put towards the down payment. Environmental Equipment & Supply has many options to suit your needs. Learn more about buying, renting and rent-to-own options by calling an Environmental Equipment & Supply specialist today at 1.800.739.7706.

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