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Proactive Remediation Pumps

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ProActive Environmental Products Poseidon 60
Designed spepecifically for groundwater remediation, the Poseidon 12-volt series of pumps from ProActive Industries fit easily into 2-inch wells. The Poseidon 60 is suitable for depths up to 60 feet.

Poseidon 60

ProActive Environmental Products Poseidon 80
For 80 feet pumping depths, choose the Poseidon 80 12 volt submersible pump. Installation and operation is effortless with this pump. In fact, it only takes 4 simple steps.

Poseidon 80

ProActive Environmental Products Poseidon 100
This remediation pump features quick installation, easy operation and long life expectancy. This 12-volt battery or solar operated pump can be used in a 2-inch well up to 100 feet.

ProActive Industries 12 Volt Poseidon 100


Quality Proactive Remediation Pumps

When you need water remediation, the Poseidon series of pumps from Proactive are the ideal choice. Designed for 2 inch wells, these submersible pumps are easy to use and operate. Call us today at 1-800-739-7706 and let us match you with a unit that meets your needs. Our sales team is available from 7am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, to serve customers nationwide.