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Proactive DC Submersible Pumps

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Proactive DC Pumps are the most complete line of 12 volt pumps in the world. Environment Equipment and Supply is a Fully Authorized Stocking Distributor for all your Proactive Pump needs including sales, service, rentals, and supplies.

Proactive™ DC pumps offer the widest range for sampling or purging your next job.  Reliable DC pumps available in standard, high performance, and stainless steel series.  Select the DC pump best suited to your needs from 25 feet to 200 feet!  Standard PVC pumps do not require a controller to work but adding a controller gives you the Low Flow sampling option.  Both high performance and stainless steel pumps require a controller to operate.  The Booster controller doubles the voltage to 24 volts, increasing flows and depths.  The Booster controller with Low Flow option allows the user to purge the well at higher flows and slow the pump down to sample. All Proactive™ DC pumps use 1/2 inch OD tubing.  Environmental Equipment & Supply sells 1/2" tubing in lengths of 100', 250', & 500 feet.

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Standard Plastic Pumps 1.82" Diameter:

Cyclone - 25'

Cyclone - 25'

Constant Pressure

Mini-Typhoon - 40'


Typhoon - 50'

Typhoon - 50'

Tempest/Twister - 60'

Mini Monsoon

Mini Monsoon - 70'

Commercial Pump

Tornado - 100'

Perisataltic Pump

Low Flow Sampling Controller

Water Meters

Frontier Series - 60', 80', 100'

Proactive Water Spout I'

Water Spout I

Proactive Water Spout II'

Water Spout II

Standard Plastic Pumps 3.5" Diameter:

Cyclone - 25'

Abyss - 220'

Standard Plastic Pumps 1.44" Diameter:

Cyclone - 25'


Cyclone - 25'


High Performance PVC Pumps 1.82" Diameter:

Cyclone - 25'

Mega-Typhoon - 80'

Super Twister- 85'

Super Twister- 85'

Super Twister- 85'

Tsunami - 100'

Super Twister- 85'

Monsoon - 120'

Super Twister- 85'

Hurricane - 150'

Stainless Steel Pumps 1.82" Diameter:

Cyclone - 25'

Mega-Typhoon XL - 80'

Super Twister- 85'

Mini-Monsoon XL80 - 80'

Super Twister- 85'

Monsoon XL - 120'

Super Twister- 85'

Hurricane XL - 150'

Super Twister- 85'

Mega-Monsoon XL - 190'

Remediation Pumps 1.82" Diameter:

Poseidon 60'

Poseidon™ 60 - 12 Volt Pump

Poseidon 80'

Poseidon™ 80 - 12 Volt Pump

Poseidon 100'

Poseidon™ 100 - 12 Volt Pump


ProActive Pump Flow Chart

Pump Types

Standard Plastic Pumps do not require a booster controller to operate and can connect directly to a 12 volt battery. Standard duty pumps work in depths from 25 to 100 feet and can be connected to a standard Low Flow Controller.

New - All standard PVC Pumps work with or without the NEW Low Flow Controller.

High Performance PVC Pumps require a Booster/Controller for operation. The booster controller takes the incoming 12 volt supply and boosts it to 24 volts. This allows the pump to run at the deeper depths and with greater flows. You can also select a booster controller with the Low Flow option allowing the user to do on site low flow sampling.

Stainless Steel Pumps allow for the motor modules to be replaced. Their reliable design allows for continuous purging of groundwater wells. Like the high performance pumps, their matched booster/controller permit the pumps to run up to 24 volts reaching maximum depths. With the exception of the stainless steel Mini-Monsoon, all stainless steel pumps require a Power Booster/Controller.

Controllers and Boosters are matched to each pump, ask your customer service representative. Environmental Equipment & Supply sells other Proactive Environmental Products™ like drum pumps and peristaltic pumps.