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RAE Systems Portable Detectors

RAE Systems
Environmental Equipment and Supply is proud to be an authorized RAE Systems and Sales Service Center, providing RAE Systems equipment. RAE Systems is a leading manufacturer of contaminant detection products, including portable photo-ionization detectors and multi-gas monitors.  First responders everywhere turn to RAE Systems for their hazardous contaminant needs. Their equipment is trusted by HazMat and other environmental cleanup crews in the most challenging situations.  

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Portable PIDs and Multi-Gas/Confined Space Instruments

RAE Systems Photo-Ionization Detector (PID)
 At EE&S, we carry a full line of RAE systems portable PIDs. Our inventory of photo-ionization detectors includes the MiniRAE Lite, UltraRAE 3000, ppbRAE 3000, and the MiniRAE 3000 product lines. RAE Systems PIDs can provide detection of volatile organic compounds, otherwise known as VOCs, at levels of up to 10,000 ppm. RAE Systems PIDs are used by HazMat, environmental engineers, construction crews, the military, and many others.  With their data logging capabilities and benzene-specific modes, these PIDs are perfect for every situation. Learn more about our photo-ionization detectors today.

ppbRAE 3000

RAE Systems Multi-Gas Instruments/Confined Space Instruments
Environmental Equipment and Supply has a full inventory of RAE Systems multi-gas instruments. We carry instruments from the MultiRAE, QRAE II, QRAE 3, MultiRAE IR, and Area RAE lines. The multi-gas instrument detectors are reliable tools for HazMat teams, environmental engineers and cleanup crews as well as indoor air quality specialists. Multi-Gas/Confined space instruments can detect contaminants such as carbon monoxide, oxygen, combustible gases, and more. These compact machines are perfect for disaster responses, off-shore wells, oil and gas refineries, industrial hygiene, and more. Learn about our rental options today.


Renting or Purchasing PIDs or Multi-Gas/Confined Space Instruments
Environmental Equipment and Supply has been providing multi-gas monitors and PIDs to customers around the world for over 25 years. We work with all types of budgets and different applications of our equipment. We can supply our machines for short- and long-term rental at competitive prices. We also take care of FedEX priority shipping overnight, if requested, to any location in the United States. Before we ship any of our rental items, they are inspected by our factory-trained technicians, who will also service all equipment before distribution. Our dedicated sales team experts are available from 7 am to 6 pm on weekdays to help you choose the right option for your needs.

Why Choose Environmental Equipment and Supply When Purchasing Portable Detectors?
With over 25 years of providing environmental, safety, and sampling equipment, Environmental Equipment and Supply offers superior customer service and reliable products. Our expert team can easily help you find the right product for your application, whether that be for environmental purposes, commercial needs, or a construction project. We have an expert on hand to help you with all of those situations. Contact one of our team members today and discover the rental or purchase option right for you