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Calibration Standards

Calibration Standards
Calibration Gas Regulator

Isobutylene is a colorless, flammable, liquified gas with a coal gas odor. Used in polymerization processes and as a chemical intermediate in the manufacturing of MTBE; used in the manufacturing of calibration mixtures.

Calibration gas regulators are for use with refillable or disposable cylinders. These regulators are designed for non-corrosive gas service and are single stage, piston style regulators. The control valve permits constant gas flow and easy on/off.

Cal Gas Regulator Features

  • Piston type construction
  • Preset flow rating
  • On/off valve


Calibration Standards
ProductPricePart Number
Isobutylene 100 ppm 17 liter $ 40 Each 33063
Isobutylene 100 ppm 34 liter $ 64.00 Each 33066
Zero Standard, 17H $ 45.00 Each 11062
Cal Gas Regulator, female thread, 650 PSI $ 135.00 Each 38784