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Horiba Gloss Checkers

Environmental Equipment & Supply carries Horiba's complete line of quality gloss checkers. Used in countless countries around the world, Gloss Checker from Horiba are in high demand and have been recognized as the standard instrument in the industry. Gloss Checkers are ideal for use in the stone processing and floor maintenance industries.

IG-320 Gloss Checkers

Gloss meters measure the intensity of reflected light from an exposed surface. To reduce human error, the IG-320 Horiba Gloss Meter provides a precise value of measurement. Some applications include, quality control of paint finishes on cars and appliances, marble polishing, and floor polishing. Using the Gloss Meter is simple for even the most inexperienced operators. Simply lay the meter on a surface and the gloss value is displayed instantaneously. The IG-320's measurement angle is set at 60 degrees.

375004 - $998.00

IG-320 Gloss Checkers

IG-331 Gloss Checker

This economic Gloss Meter can easily switch between two modes depending on the amount of gloss. The 20 degree measuring angle is ideal for gloss values over 70, such as high-gloss surfaces. The 60 degree measuring angle is used for standard gloss measurements. With simple one-button calibration, the IG-331 delivers a measured value to confirm visual gloss observations.

375152 - $740.00

IG-331 Gloss Checkers


IG-410 Gloss Checkers

The IG-410 is a dual range checker for ultra high gloss and gloss measurements. Typically used for polished metal and mirrored surfaces, IG-410 Gloss checkers have ten times the measurement range than a conventional models. This 1.3 pound, battery-operated meter provides fast and reliable one-touch operation. Low gloss samples can be measured using the 0-100 range and high gloss samples can be measured using the 0-1000 range.

3200190929 - $2,204.00

IG-410 Gloss Checkers r