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Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

Geophysical Services and Testing Equipment     
Seismic Prep Fee Daily Weekly Monthly
Ground-Penetrating Radar
StructureScan Optical (1600 MHz) $ 165 $ 165 $ 740  $ 2,600 Rent »
StructureScan Mini HR 3D, Concrete Inspection
$ 100 $ 125 $ 600  $ 2,400 Rent »
Radan 7 (Software) w/Laptop $ 50 $ 200  $ 600 Rent »
SIR 3000 GPR Data Acquisition System (only) $ 115 $ 110 $ 450  $ 1,800 Rent »
Antennas (200, 270, 400, 900) $ 50 $ 40 $ 180  $ 700 Rent »
1600 Mhz Antenna with Optical Scanner $ 75 $ 65 $ 340  $ 950 Rent »
GPR Mobile Cart $ 35 $ 35 $ 155  $ 450 Rent »
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Ground-penetrating Radar Equipment

Ground-penetrating Radar (GPR) equipment is widely used in applications such as utility detection, environmental remediation and concrete inspections. Regardless of your application, you’ll find a wide variety of high-quality GPR equipment for rent at Environmental Equipment & Supply.

For more than 25 years, construction, commercial and environmental operations of all types have been turning to us for all of their geophysical services and testing equipment needs. We offer state-of-the-art products at affordable rates, along with full support for the duration of the rental period.

You also have the flexibility to rent GPR equipment by the week, month or year — whatever works best for your project needs and budget requirements. Our GPR equipment line features technologically advanced products from leading manufacturers. Our current inventory includes:

  • StructureScan™ Optical — StructureScan™ Optical has raised the bar when it comes to 3D collection capabilities. This user-friendly product is equipped with Smart Pad, an intuitive data collection pad designed to work in tandem with barcode readers. The result is increased data accuracy through the virtual elimination of human error. Collected data is displayed on an easy-to-read high-resolution color screen.
  • StructureScan™ Mini HR 3D — This scaled-down StructureScan™ GPR unit weighs only three pounds and is primarily used in construction inspection applications. Specific uses include quick and precise pinpointing of the depth and position of rebar, conduits, post-tension cables and voids in concrete. This user-friendly GPR model also offers intuitive navigation and simplified data transfer. The Mini HR 3D’s light weight makes it easy to transport around the job site.
  • Antennas — Our extensive GPR rental equipment inventory also includes a wide assortment of antennas that are compatible with SIR systems. Antennas are available in various operating frequencies. All antennas are constructed from heavy-duty cable and include rugged, high-density molded cases. They also feature shielding to eliminate above-ground interference that could negatively impact GPR equipment performance.
  • GPR Mobile Carts — You can also rent GSSI GPR Mobile Carts in three different sizes: standard, compact and rugged. The standard model is lightweight and designed for use with 200, 400 and 900 Mhz antennas. The compact mobile cart weighs just 48 pounds and is compatible with 400 and 900 Mhz antennas. The rugged mobile cart is equipped with 16-inch wheels and can accommodate 270, 400 and 900 Mhz antennas.

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