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Utility Locating $ 550 $ 2,000 $ 6,000

Reduce potholing costs, increase production and reduce damage claims with the VACMASTER SYSTEM 1000. This state-of-the-art system works above ground from a small hole to expose buried utilities for verification and repair. Trailer or truck mountable, this system makes air-vacuum excavation affordable, giving you plenty of power for potholing in tight places. The high-pressure air breaks up the soil for easy removal by its powerful vacuum, keeping the spoil dry for backfilling. Plus, potholing with air is faster in most soils, eliminating disposal problems and is much safer for you and your utilities. With higher performance and greater efficiency, air has the power to get the job done. For times when you are potholing in sticky clay or hard caliche, high-pressure water is also on board.

For low cost, high performance utility locating in a compact size, rent the VACMASTER SYSTEM 1000 from Environment Equipment & Supply today. Put the power of air to work for you.

Features and Benefits

  • Allows crews to use air 95% of the time, with water available when needed
  • Skid mount design allows installation on a trailer or truck
  • Powerful John Deere diesel engine drives all systems: vacuum, air and water.
  • 2-Stage Cyclonic Filtration System with Particulate Element
  • Quick, easy emptying of large 300-gallon spoils tank.
  • Automatic monitoring of all systems with auto-shut-down allows a 2-man crew to operate the system
  • Operate up to 200 feet away for areas difficult to access
  • High efficiency absorption chamber silencer and enclosed power head minimize noise levels enabling you to be a good neighbor.


Engine Type 4-Cylinder Diesel
Model John Deere 4045D
Power Rating 68 hp
Fuel Tank 30-gallon
Power Transfer Belt Drive
Vacuum 780 cfm, 15" Hg, 4" hose
100 cfm @ 100 psi (Air Tools)
High-Pressure Water 0–3000 psi @ 3 gpm
Low-Pressure Water 0–1000 psi for clean-up