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Laval R-CAM 1300 Portable Borehole Camera

R-Cam 1300 XS Portable Borehole Camera
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# R-CAM 1300XS $ 15,200.00

Brand new from Laval Underground Surveys, the R-Cam 1300 Color Video Water Well Inspection System makes inspecting water wells and boreholes quick and easy. The two wide-angle lens cameras allow for viewing down hole and side images. With minimal lighting power, as low as 1 LUX, low light level CCD sensors allow the cameras to detect images. With 1300 feet of downhole cable this camera system goes deeper than its predecessor. The R-CAM 1300 cable is Kevlar reinforced for strength.

Housed in the camera to provide light are Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) that are shock proof, and long lasting, providing approximately 5,000 hours of use. The system is powered by a rechargeable cell battery pack, making it portable. Equipped with a 7-inch LCD color video monitor, the R-Cam control unit provides all the controls to operate the camera and reel assembly. The provided DVR recorder records the survey.

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 Technical Specifications
 Diamter: 2 inches (5.1 cm) O.D.
 Overall Length: 20 inches (50.8 cm)
 Cable: 1,300 feet (396.2 m) Kevlar-reinforced, small diamter coaxial cable. Single conductor electronic technology
 Lens: BK-7 glass
 Power Supply: Portable 12VDC battery pack and charger. Rechargeable by local current (please specify at time of order)
 Total Camera  Weight: 18 lbs (8.2 kg)
 Pressure Rating:  Pressure tested and waterproof to 750 PSI
 Scanning Sytem: Camera modules greater than or equal to 540 TVL for NTSC and PAL 
 Operating  Temperature: 32° to 122°F (0° to 50°C) 
 Recorder:  Records onto a battery operated DVR 
 LED Lighting:  High intensity, long life, shock proof LED lighting, side view and forward view 
 Depth Counter:  On-screen depth display measured in feet and thenths, or meters 
 Monitor:  7-inch LCD color monitor with sunscreen viewing hood 
 Winch, Reel, Motor  &  Cart:  12VDC electric powered, variable speed reel for raising and lowering cmaera in well. All parts are mounted on a small, two-wheeled cart with extendable 36-inch boom.