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Disposable Ammex 3 mil Vinyl Powder-Free Industrial Gloves - GPX3

Disposable Ammex GPX3 3 mil Vinyl Powder-free Industrial Gloves

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Our best priced disposable vinyl gloves, Ammex GPX3 disposable vinyl gloves are suitable for a number of applications including food service, painting and non-hazardous industrial work. Experience the Ammex difference and get FREE GROUND SHIPPING when you order by the case from Environmental Equipment & Supply. These disposable industrial vinyl gloves by Ammex are made from clear vinyl (PVC) and contain no latex proteins. They are powder free to avoid the possibility of residue and utilize thinwall technology for high levels of dexterity & durability.  Make Ammex GPX3 vinyl gloves your choice for your next purchase.

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GPX342100 $ 68.50/case Order »
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$ 58.50/case Order  
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Ammex powder-free vinyl gloves are sold by the case of 10 — a single box contains 100 individual ambidextrous gloves. Free ground shipping is

Free shipping isn't the only perk of shopping for Ammex disposable vinyl gloves at the Environmental Equipment & Supply online store. Order six cases or more, and you'll receive a free wall-mounted glove dispenser — perfect for busy environments where counter space is hard to come by. Order more than 40 cases and you'll qualify for our discounted rate, just ask your sales representative. Vinyl gloves have a longer shelf life than latex or other natural products, so you can purchase in bulk without having to worry about your gloves degrading over time.

Vinyl Glove Uses

Ammex vinyl gloves offer superior value when used in light- and medium-duty applications. At just 3 mm thick, they provide excellent sensitivity and dexterity for highly complex operations requiring a great deal of tactile engagement. Choose vinyl when performing a short term, low-risk task; for other activities, upgrading to a latex or nitrile glove is recommended. For more information, or for help choosing a glove that's right for you, contact Environmental Equipment & Supply today.

Allergen Free Comfort

By far the biggest advantage of purchasing Ammex disposable vinyl gloves — aside from the cost — is their suitability for use by anyone with latex allergies or sensitivities. Vinyl is a completely synthetic material containing none of the proteins or related chemicals that cause itching, rashes or dermatitis in allergy sufferers. Ammex vinyl gloves are also powder-free. A large number of people who think they are allergic to vinyl are actually reacting to the powder coating present on many gloves; by choosing a powder-free product, you eliminate a major source of irritation for people with skin sensitivities.


  • 3mil Thinwall Technology for high levels of dexterity
  • Beaded Cuff
  • Powder-Free
  • Latex-free
  • 100 gloves per box

Alternatives to Vinyl

For medium or high risk applications, we recommend upgrading to a latex or nitrile glove. View our complete selection of disposable gloves online, or contact our sales team between 7am and 6pm, Monday to Friday, for more information.