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Disposable Latex Heavy Duty Textured Gloves

Most PopularDisposable GloveWorks Latex HD 8mil Powder Free Industrial Gloves

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Gloveworks textured HD Latex Gloves provide gripping power for all types of industrial, chemical or automotive applications. Glovework ILHD are our best quality latex industrial glove. The gloves come 100 count to a box. Gloveworks powder-free gloves offer superior durability , strength and comfort wihen performing any job! We offer special volume discounts as well as other incentives for purchasing in bulk. Contact us today! Once you try us you will not get your gloves from anywhere else.

Glove SizePart NumberPer Box
ILHD42100 $ 14.95/box Order »
ILHD44100 $ 14.95/box Order »
ILHD46100 $ 14.95/box Order »
ILHD48100 $ 14.95/box Order »
ILHD49100 $ 14.95/box Order »
2 Cases or more
$ 11.50/box Order  
Cases »
$ 11.50/box Order  
Cases »
$ 11.50/box Order  
Cases »
$ 11.50/box Order  
Cases »
$ 11.50/box Order  
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Fixed Shipping Rates

Purchase GloveWorks latex gloves in bulk, and you can take advantage of discounted or even free shipping from Environmental Equipment & Supply. Ammex GloveWorks latex gloves come 100 to a box; 10 boxes are included in a case.

  • 1-3 Boxes = $ 12.00
  • 4-5 Boxes = $ 16.00
  • Per Case = Free UPS Ground

In addition to free shipping, orders of six cases or more receive a free wall-mounted glove dispenser. Purchase 40 cases or more, and you'll receive a bulk discount of over 30% off the cost per box.

About GloveWorks Latex Gloves

The strongest Ammex latex glove, the disposable GloveWorks Latex HD 8mil Industrial Gloves are 8 mil thick and offer exceptional resistance to rips and tears. These heavy duty latex gloves are perfect for your demanding jobs because of their additional thickness which is twice as strong as standard latex disposable gloves. These latex gloves feature a textured surface for an outstanding wet or dry grip, a smooth interior for easy donning and are powder free to avoid the possibility of residue. Note: This glove contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions in some people.

Why Latex?

Latex is a natural rubber that can cause an allergic reaction in a small percentage of people who are inherently sensitive to it. Despite this, latex is and has been one of the most popular materials for disposable gloves and other personal protective clothing. For those who can wear them safely, GloveWorks latex gloves offer the following advantages over synthetic materials:

  • Increased protection: GloveWorks Latex HD gloves are exam grade, meaning they are suitable for heavy duty medical, chemical and industrial use.
  • Tear-resistant: Latex is extremely resistant to rips and tears, making them safer for use around surgical tools, environmental sampling equipment and other sharp objects.
  • Flexibility and comfort: Properly-fitted latex gloves become like a "second skin," offering protection without inhibiting movement, even when performing complex medical procedures or delicate lab work.

GloveWorks Powderless Gloves

When choosing protective gloves, it's important to differentiate between a true latex allergy and a sensitivity to the powder that coats several lower-quality brands of glove. Many people who have experienced discomfort when wearing latex gloves in the past are actually reacting to the glove's powder coating, usually a form of industrial cornstarch. GloveWorks Latex HD gloves are completely powder-free, while remaining easy to take on and off.


  • Extra thick at 8mil and extra long
  • Superb tensile strength
  • Less pressure on fingers for an improved fit and more comfort
  • Textured for an enhanced dexterity wet or dry
  • Powder Free
  • Beaded cuff
  • Smooth interior for easy donning
  • 100 gloves per box