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Disposable Ammex GloveWorks Powdered Latex Industrial Gloves - TL

Disposable Ammex Gloveworks Powdered Latex Industrial Gloves

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Environmental Equipment & Supply carries a wide range of disposable gloves for almost any application. Shop online for GloveWorks powdered industrial latex gloves, and discover for yourself how easy it is to save on a quality product designed for environmental, industrial and other professionals.

Ammex makes the perfect industrial grade latex gloves for everyday use and are powdered for easier donning. A textured surface gives superior gripping power, and an extended leaching provides low latex protein content. Disposable GloveWorks Latex Gloves are 4 mil thick.

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Fixed Shipping Rates

Environmental Equipment & Supply makes shopping for disposable industrial latex gloves easy! We offer a number of incentives for purchasing from us — the more you buy, the more you'll benefit. Our shipping rates are fixed based on the number of boxes you order:

  • 1-3 Boxes = $ 13.00
  • 4-5 Boxes = $ 18.00
  • Per Case = Free UPS Ground

Each box contains 100 individual gloves; gloves are ambidextrous and available in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes. Purchase a case of 10 boxes and your shipping is free. For any order of six cases or more, we will send a free wall-mounted glove dispenser along with your purchase.

Buy in Bulk and Save

GloveWorks industrial latex gloves can be used for up to three years after purchase, so even a smaller facility can benefit from stocking up ahead of time with Environmental Equipment & Supply. Place an order of 40 cases or more and ask a sales representative about additional benefits.


  • Beaded cuff:A beaded cuff is an important feature for anyone working with hazardous chemicals or requiring additional durability. A latex glove with a rolled edge provides additional resistance to tears — particularly when being taken off — and prevents dangerous substances from rolling down past the arm.
  • Powdered:A powdered glove is easier to put on and remove than non-powdered. GloveWorks powdered latex industrial gloves are made with USP absorbable dusting powder (ADP) which is FDA certified for use with food products.
  • Textured:GloveWorks latex gloves are textured to provide additional gripping power in both wet and dry situations. Texture also contributes to the glove's tear resistance and durability, particularly when used during delicate operations.
  • Low residual protein:The low residual protein count of GloveWorks industrial latex gloves makes them suitable for use by people with mild latex sensitivities — processing latex to remove residual proteins can get rid of up to 75% of the irritants present in unprocessed gloves.
  • 4 mil thick:The thicker the glove, the better the protection. GloveWorks latex gloves offer industrial grade protection, making them suitable for a number of applications including food service, janitorial work and more.
  • 100 gloves per box: