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Ammex Glove Plus Black Nitrile Gloves

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Our best black nitrile glove is also our best disposable glove value!  The Ammex Glove Plus black nitrile industrial gloves are an excellent choice for food processing, laboratory work, automotive repairs, electronic assembly and pharmaceutical processing. 5 mm thickness provides superior tensile strength without sacrificing flexibility or tactile sensitivity. Ammex Glove Plus gloves are powder-free, ambidextrous and textured for improved grip. A unique design reduces pressure on fingertips and creates less hand fatigue, even when worn for long amounts of time.

Ammex Glove Plus black nitrile gloves are made of premium nitrile for industrial use. Available in medium, large, X-large and XX-large sizes.  You really should try these gloves, they are the best black nitrile glove available!!

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Advantages of Nitrile

There are a number of significant advantages to opting for a nitrile glove over latex or vinyl. Perhaps most significantly, nitrile gloves like the Ammex Glove Plus are completely non-allergenic. Recent years have seen a growing awareness of latex sensitivities, which can result in symptoms such as redness, hives, itching and even potentially life-threatening complications such as asthma and shock. Allergic reactions to latex are brought on by the natural proteins in the material. Because nitrile is completely synthetic, it contains no proteins and will not trigger a reaction.

Aside from being hypoallergenic, nitrile gloves offer a number of additional advantages:

  • Greater barrier protection: Nitrile provides an effective barrier against paint, solvents and other chemicals and, unlike latex, won't dissolve when exposed to oil and gas.
  • Puncture resistance: Nitrile gloves are three times less likely to puncture than latex or vinyl.
  • Flexibility: Nitrile gloves are highly flexible and tear resistant, making them ideal for use in a variety of situations. Because of this flexibility, they are also easier to take on and off.
  • Comfort: Nitrile gloves react to heat – when worn, the natural heat of your body causes them to conform to the shape of your hand providing extra comfort.
  • Shelf life: Unlike vinyl, nitrile won't become brittle or crack with age. This means you can take advantage of bulk pricing and stock up on Ammex Glove Plus black nitrile gloves without worrying about the effects of storage.

Buy in Bulk and Save With Environmental Equipment & Supply

Environmental Equipment & Supply is proud to offer our customers exclusive deals for purchasing Ammex Glove Plus black nitrile gloves in bulk. Black nitrile gloves come 100 to the box; purchase a case of 10 boxes, and we'll ship them to you free of charge via FedEx ground. An order of six cases or more gets you a free stainless steel glove dispenser. For customers purchasing 40 or more cases at a time, we'll reduce your cost even more. Ask a sales representative today.

For more information about Ammex Glove Plus black nitrile gloves or to place your order, contact Environmental Equipment & Supply today.