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Disposable Ammex Vinyl Powder-Free Exam Gloves - VPF

Disposable Ammex Vinyl Powder Free Exam Gloves

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Exam grade disposable vinyl gloves provide protection for professionals in the health care industry.  Ammex Plus powder-free exam vinyl gloves are trusted by professionals to meet their need for durability at a cost completive price. Ammex disposable exam gloves offer a cost-effective alternate to more expensive latex or nitrile products without compromising safety.

Offering superior protection in a vinyl exam glove, the Ammex disposable vinyl exam gloves provide excellent medical grade protection and are powder free to eliminate residue. These exam grade vinyl gloves are latex free to eliminate issues of latex sensitivity. Ammex gloves feature beaded cuffs, smooth interior, and a superb tensile strength. Ammex vinyl exam gloves are a strong five mils thick!

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Place an order for 40 or more cases and receive our wholesale rate, just ask a sales representative. Because vinyl is a synthetic material, it has a longer shelf life than latex. Vinyl gloves can be stored for up to five years without affecting their quality, making it easy to purchase in bulk.

What Is Exam Grade Vinyl?

Ammex exam grade vinyl gloves offer sufficient protection for use during non-surgical medical procedures, or for handling hazardous waste and other chemicals. Exam grade gloves are manufactured in a 510(k) certified facility, and undergo regular quality control tests to ensure compliance with FDA and ASTM International standards. Use Ammex vinyl powder-free gloves for dental, medical, pediatric, environmental and other applications.


  • Latex-free:Ammex vinyl exam gloves are hypoallergenic and safe to wear for anyone with a latex allergy. Latex contains none of the residual proteins or chemicals allergy sufferers commonly exhibit sensitivity towards.
  • Powder-free:Powdered gloves can also affect people with dermatitis or other skin conditions, often producing rashes or itching. Powder-free gloves not only protect wearers, they eliminate a major source of contamination during medical and testing procedures.
  • Smooth:A smooth glove delivers excellent gripping without compromising sensitivity. Textured gloves with additional gripping power are also available.
  • Beaded cuff:Ammex exam gloves feature a beaded cuff for preventing runoff from dripping down past the edge of the glove when working with hazardous materials.
  • 5 mils thick:At just 5 mm thick, Ammex disposable exam gloves offer medical grade quality without compromising flexibility or sensitivity, delivering excellent protection while not impeding movement.
  • 100 individual ambidextrous gloves per box