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Disposable Ammex Stretch Vinyl Powder-Free Exam Gloves - VSPF

Disposable Ammex Stretch Vinyl Powder Free Exam Gloves

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Ammex Stretch Exam Grade disposable vinyl gloves provide protection for professionals in the health care industry.  Ammex Stretch plves are trusted by professionals to meet their need for durability at a cost completive price.  Ammex stretch vinyl gloves give you the fit and feel of latex with the savings of vinyl. The Ammex Disposable stretch vinyl exam gloves are strong, form fitting and provide excellent tactile sensitivity. These medical grade gloves offer extra stretch to minimize the tension on the muscles of the hand that can result in the aggravation of carpal tunnel syndrome. These synthetic vinyl gloves fit and feel like latex and are powder-free to eliminate residue and latex free to eliminate issues of latex sensitivity. Order today and receive the FREE GROUND SHIPPING!

Glove SizePart NumberPer Case of 10
VSPF42100 $ 75.00/case Order »
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VSPF48100 $ 75.00/case Order »
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$ 65.50/case Order  
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Each box contains 100 individual gloves. Buy six cases, and receive a free glove dispenser. Orders of 40 or more cases receive our special wholesale rate.

Latex Protection at Vinyl Prices

Ammex stretch vinyl gloves offer exam grade protection at a budget price. Suitable for medical, dental and pediatric use, Ammex stretch vinyl is 100% hypoallergenic and powder-free. Ammex vinyl gloves can be worn by anyone with latex or other sensitivities for an inexpensive alternative to costly synthetic materials such as nitrile.

What Is Exam Grade?

Exam grade gloves — also known as medical gloves — provide the strength and barrier protection required for nearly all non-surgical medical procedures. Exam grade gloves offer users additional protection for working with hazardous chemicals and blood-borne pathogens when performing environmental remediation work in the field or in a lab. In order for their products to be marketed as exam grade, glove manufacturers must submit to random testing to ensure compliance with FDA and ASTM International quality standards. Additionally, exam grade gloves must be manufactured in a 510(k) registered facility.


  • Superb tensile strength:Ammex stretch powderless vinyl gloves can be easily taken off and put on without worrying about tearing.
  • Extra stretch minimizes tension on the hand muscles:Traditional vinyl gloves have a reputation for aggravating CTS and other hand and wrist conditions. Ammex stretch vinyl gloves reduce stress on the hand so they can be worn for long periods of time without pain.
  • Latex Free:Ammex stretch powderless vinyl gloves are hypoallergenic and suitable for use by anyone with a sensitivity to natural rubbers such as latex.
  • Powder Free:Ammex gloves also contain no USP absorbable dusting powder (ADP), a cornstarch-based powder that can aggravate dermatitis and other skin conditions.
  • Smooth:A smooth — as opposed to textured — grip provides additional tactile sensitivity when performing delicate work.
  • Beaded cuff:Gloves equipped with a beaded cuff are stronger and more resistant to tears; additionally, a beaded cuff prevents hazardous materials from running off the glove.
  • Excellent tactile sensitivity:At just 3 mm thick, Ammex stretch vinyl gloves are highly sensitive, fitting to the hand like a second skin.
  • 100 gloves per box