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Gas Detector Tubes

About Detector Tubes

Detector Tube Detector tubes provide fast, economical monitoring for a wide variety of target gases and vapors. Their direct reading capability provides on-the-spot results eliminating laboratory turnaround time. The gas detector tube is typically calibrated in one of three commonly used units of concentration, and can even be reset chemically for re use.

Using the principles of gas diffusion and colorimetric reaction, Color Diffusion Tubes allow the user to reliably measure Time-Weighted Average (TWA) concentrations for up to eight hours. Color Diffusion Tubes can be evaluated at any point during a workshift. The calibrated scale printed directly on each tube indicates parts-per-million-hours (ppm-hours). For a TWA reading, simply determine the point where the stain length ends and divide this reading by the total length of sampling time. No pumps, charts, or analyses are needed.

Environmental Equipment & Supply carries RAE Systems detector tubes for over 30 gases and vapors, many of which are available in several different ranges. Our gas detector tubes require no calibration and can be used immediately with accurate results.


For best results, use gas detector tubes with a RAE Systems LP-1200 piston pump:

  • Piston pumps will contain a tip breaker on their side – use it to remove the tips from both ends of the gas detector tube, reserving about 1 mm on either side.
  • Insert the tip of the detector tube securely into the reservoir located at the end of the pump shaft.
  • Align the red dot on the plunger with the similar marking on the pump shaft.
  • The gas detector tube will have instructions for obtaining a proper sample. Pump the number of strokes indicated to deliver the desired volume (1/2 stroke = 50ml, 1 stroke = 100ml).
  • Wait for the end-of-flow indicator to return to its normal level of brightness.
  • If required, begin additional strokes by turning the pump handle a ¼ turn.

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How Gas Detector Tubes Work!


How a Gas Detector Tube Works


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