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Clearview Disposable BioBailers™

Clearview Disposable BioBailers™

Some other advantages are:

  • Easy to use
  • Quality materials
  • Cleanliness
  • VOC and SVOC testing to EPA 8260B and EPA 8270D
  • Provides clear and accurate samples
  • Clarity to see your samples
  • Will no longer add to the filling of our landfills
  • Will no longer contribute to our overwhelming plastic trash problem
  • Allows us to sample groundwater without making a further problem elsewhere
  • Each BioBailer™ comes with a biodegradable free emptying device and is sealed in a biodegradable plastic bag.
  • BioBailers™ are supplied in cardboard boxes made from partially recycled material.

New Biodegradable BioBailers™ —the most significant advancement in the disposable bailer industry! Ever!

Millions upon millions of bailers are thrown in landfills every year. These poly or PVC bailers will still be there for 100's or 1,000's of years. NO MORE! We are proud to introduce the BioBailer - the only "Eco Friendly" bailer available on the market today. Prior to this breakthrough development of the BioBailer, Eco Friendly bailers simply did not exist. Now we can do what is right for generations to come while simultaneously saving money.

To make them biodegradable, BioBailers™ are made of PVC or HDPE with a small amount of an engineered additive Ecopure™. Since PVC has a higher specific density of 1.3, these bailers sink faster than HDPE bailers. This makes weighting of PVC bailers unnecessary in most applications. Go green; order disposable BioBailers for your groundwater bore sampling today. We also carry BioLiners™.


"New" BioBailer
Biodegradable Bailer
Part NumberPrice
Singles 17245 $ 5.25 each Order
Case of 24 17245 $ 106.00 per Case Order