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Horiba W-23XD Water Quality Meter

Horiba U-22XD Water Quality Meter with Ion Sensor
Horiba W-22XD Multiparameter Water Quality Meter
DescriptionPart Number
W-23XD Sensor Meter G0317234
Meter Includes: Control unit, sensor probe w/o cable, pH and DO sensors, pH 4 model 100-4 buffer solution, pH sensor internal solution, ion calibration solution (NO3, Cl, Ca), syringe, spanner wrench, grip holder, carrying case, DO sensor rebuild kit, instruction manual. ION SENSORS/CABLE ARE NOT INCLUDED.
See below for list of Ion sensors and cables

W-23XD Features

  • Up to one month data logging.
  • Simultaneous measurement of 13 parameters.
  • Measurement at depths to 100 meters.
  • Three ports for 3 simultaneous ion measurements.
  • Ion Sensor Options: Nitrate, Chloride, Calcium, Fluoride, Potassium, Ammonia

The W-23XD is one of Horiba's most advanced water quality meters. Exclusively available for nationwide sale from Environmental Equipment & Supply, the W-23 is used for professional and research applications in marine and freshwater environments, as well as in municipal water testing, factory drainage studies and more. With the capacity to simultaneously monitor 13 parameters at depths of up to 100 meters, the Horiba W-23 combines a number of advanced features in one easy-to-use, portable unit.

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Powerful Sensor Monitors up to 13 Different Parameters

The Horiba W-23 gains its advanced monitoring capabilities from a unique multi-probe that can be customized to meet your needs. A standard configuration gives you the ability to measure conductivity, salinity, total dissolved solids (TDS), seawater specific gravity, temperature, turbidity and depth, all with industry-leading accuracy and built-in salt and temperature correction. Add-on modules give you the expanded capability of reading pH, dissolved oxygen and oxygen reduction potential (ORP) levels, as well as any three of the following ions:

  • Nitrate
  • Calcium
  • Chloride
  • Fluoride
  • Potassium
  • Ammonia

With one-button calibration using the available solutions, the Horiba W-23 is well-suited for field work in a number of diverse environments.

Data Logging and GPS Functionality

Horiba water quality meters have been deployed in testing sites from Zimbabwe to Japan and South America. With an internal memory capable of storing up to a month of log data collected at 15 minute intervals, the W-23 is an excellent performer in remote locations. GPS interface helps you maintain detailed records by acquiring longitude and latitude coordinates which, combined with depth data, allows for accurate 3-D mapping of your readings. The unit features a number of different input/output connections which give you several options for downloading directly onto a computer for further analysis.

Built Tough for Field Work in Any Condition

The Horiba W-23 water quality meter is housed in a durable rubber guard to protect it from damage and contamination. The unit's probe features a stainless steel shield to ensure its precision sensors are not compromised. Also available is a Pelican® flight case for worry-free transport. When you make the decision to invest in a quality instrument, you need your investment to give you years of use — the Horiba W-23 gives you the peace of mind knowing your equipment and data is safe at all times.

Horiba W-23 Parts and Accessories

Environmental Equipment & Supply is your source for Horiba water quality meters and accessories. We carry the monitor unit, optional sensors and cabling available in lengths up to 100 meters. Contact our team today with the specifics of your project, and we'll help you choose the package that's right for you, with competitive pricing on all items. As a factory-authorized Horiba dealer, we also offer repairs, replacement parts and warranty service when you need it.

Parts & Accessories
Probe and Cables
Sensors Not Included
Part Number
W-23XD sensor probe 362482
2 meter cable, W002CS G0047241
10 meter cable, W010CS G0047251
30 meter cable, W030CS G0047261
60 meter cable, W060CS G0157320
100 meter cable, W100C G8087902
Ion Sensors and
Replacement Cartridges
Part Number
Nitrate ion sensor 9037005900
Chloride ion sensor 9037006000
Calcium ion sensor 9037006100
Fluoride ion sensor 9037006300
Potassium ion sensor 9037006400
Ammonia ion solution 9037006400
Nitrate cartridge 9003015200
Chloride cartridge 9003001500
Calcium cartridge 9003015400
Potassium cartridge 9003015300
Fluoride cartridge 9003015100
Ammonia membranes 6/pkg 9037007000
Ion SolutionsPart Number
ION (NO3/CL2/Ca) calibration sol. 9037006500
Nitrate sensor internal solution 9037006600
Chloride sensor internal solution 9037006700
Calcium/fluoride internal solution 360647
Potassium sensor internal solution 9037006900
Ammonia sensor internal solution 9012000900
Solutions offered by HORIBA for manual calibrations
Conductivity Calibration SolutionsPart Number
500 ml, range 3, 71.8 mS/m 201045-5
1 liter, range 3, 71.8 mS/m 201046-5
500 ml, range 2, 0.667 S/m 201045-6
1 liter, range 2, 0.667 S/m 201046-6
500 ml, range 1, 5.87 S/m 201045-7
1 liter, range 1, 5.87 S/m 201046-7
Turbidity Calibration SolutionsPart Number
500 ml, 800 NTU span solution 201045-4
1 liter, 800 NTU span solution 201046-4
500 ml, 100 NTU span solution/font> 201045-3
1 liter, 100 NTU span solution 201046-3
Dissolved Oxygen Zero CalibrationPart Number
500 ml, DO zero solution 201045-2
1 liter, DO zero solution 201046-2
Type 1 Pure Water for ORP
Buffer Preparation
Part Number
250 ml pure water for the addition of HORIBA ORP buffer powders to check ORP measurement accuracy. ORP powder attached to bottle. 89mV @ 25°C. 201045-1
250 ml pure water for the addition of HORIBA ORP buffer powders to check ORP measurement accuracy. ORP powder attached to bottle. 258mV @25°C. 201046-1