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Borehole Logging

Geophysical Services and Testing Equipment     
Borehole Logging Prep Fee Daily Weekly Monthly
Mount Sopris Matrix Borehole Logger with MX Winch $ 125 $ 250 $ 1,125 $ 4,000 Rent »
WellCAD Software $ 75 $ 350 $ 900 Rent »
- Optical Televiewer Probe $ 100 $ 350 $ 1,575 $ 6,000 Rent »
- SP/Resistivity/Poly Gamma/Temp Probe $ 80 $ 60 $ 250  $ 900 Rent »
- Caliper Probe $ 50 $ 60 $ 250  $ 900 Rent »
- SP/Resistance/Gamma Probe $ 80 $ 60 $ 250  $ 900 Rent »
- Heat Pulse Flow Meter $ 80 $ 100 $ 450  $ 1,800 Rent »
- Wire Line Boom (Hitch Mount) $ 25 $ 75 $ 190

Borehole Logging Equipment

Does your company have an immediate need for top-quality borehole logging equipment? Do budgetary constraints or a desire to avoid making a substantial financial commitment make purchasing new equipment an impractical alternative for your business?

Environmental Equipment & Supply has the perfect solution. We offer a wide range of state-of-the-art borehole logging equipment you can rent by the day, week or month. Get the equipment you need to keep your business moving forward while minimizing your operating costs at the same time.

Rent Dependable Borehole Logging Products That Get the Job Done

A key reason why Environmental Equipment & Supply has been a leading geophysical services and testing equipment supplier for more than 25 years is our insistence on offering only the best products from leading manufacturers. We feature borehole logging products from Mount Sopris Instruments, a leading manufacturer of wireline borehole logging systems for groundwater, mining and other applications.

A highlight of our Mount Sopris borehole logging equipment inventory is the Matrix Borehole Logger with MX Winch, which features the most technologically advanced downhole data acquisition machinery on the market today. This intuitive system is capable of automatically identifying the appropriate logging protocol without the need for human intervention. The Matrix also includes a digital signal wave processor that is linked by the wireline via ultra-high resolution converters. The MX series winch is equipped with a 500-meter cable for deep-water applications.

The Mount Sopris Matrix is enclosed in a protective shock, water and dust-resistant case. Operating details are managed by a robust software package that provides maximum flexibility. A separate 110V power supply is necessary for system operation. Other complementary borehole logging products and accessories available for rent include:

  • WellCAD Software
  • Optical Televiewer Probe
  • SP/Resistivity/Poly Gamma/Temp Probe
  • Caliper Probe
  • SP/Resistance/Gamma Probe
  • Heat Pulse Flow Meter
  • Wire Line Boom (Hitch Mount)

We Make Renting Borehole Logging Equipment Easy and Efficient

If you’ve had a bad experience when renting borehole logging equipment in the past, you’ll appreciate how fast and easy it is to rent from Environmental Equipment & Supply. In addition to affordable prices and flexible rental terms, we provide ongoing support for as long as the equipment is in your possession. This includes prompt technical assistance to ensure you can operate your equipment at maximum efficiency.

Environmental Equipment & Supply can provide borehole logging equipment to just about any location in the United States. We can even ship your equipment to remote job sites, helping to keep your transportation costs low. We’ll make every effort to get your equipment to you as quickly as possible to avoid disruptions to your vital testing procedures. All borehole logging products arrive fully calibrated and have been tested to ensure their accuracy.

Contact Us for a Free Borehole Logging Equipment Quote

If the time has come to rent high-quality borehole logging equipment, contact Environmental Equipment & Supply today for a free quote. Fill out and submit the convenient online rental request form or give us a call at 1-800-739-7706.